About us

Ever since it was founded back in 1988, MELTEMI CONSTRUCTIONS has INVESTED IN QUALITY OF LIFE.

To date, its construction projects (complex AGNANTIO, complex KIPI (GARDENS), complex AEGEO, various apartment buildings, settlement MELTEMI, PALAMIDI hotel, Koumaros Villas, Koumaros Hotel) have offered a wide range of proposals and sound alternative solution packages meeting every modern need or requirement.

Kostas Melopoulos was born and raised in Athens. He graduated from the French School "Lycee Leonin" and studied Economics at Athens University of Economics. He attended post-graduate seminars at Boston University, U.S.A. He served as Managing Director of "MELO S.A." chocolate industry and he is engaged in the construction industry as of 1988.

Choose your Best Accommodation

  • Palamidi Hotel

    Palamidi Hotel

    Palamidi hotel is the only building on a small hill, with unlimited sea view, at a close distance from the beach, the village, the port and spa of Agia Paraskevi in Kassandra, Chalkidiki.
  • Koumaros Villas

    Koumaros Villas

    Koumaros villas have distinct character due to its unconditional spot! Like an eagle flying high up in the sky, stands before its eyes the infinity of the Aegean Sea and...
  • Koumaros Hotel

    Koumaros Hotel

    Koumaros Apartment Hotel is the "younger brother" of Koumaros Villas. It is situated at exactly the same location at a distance of a few meters from the villas...