General Information for Complex AGNANTIO

I WANT TO LOOK AHEAD refers to the journey of the eyes over the endless sea and the infinite sky. It refers also to the journey of the mind for some special people in the quest for a better future.

The AGNANTIO is not a usual project. It is addressed to those who have special requirements for their life and future. These are just some reasons justifying this choice:

The housing units at AGNANTIO have a large, timeless value as the general layout did not follow the usual settlement development model. Because of the location, on a plateau facing the sea, there is no possible limitation to the endless view.

The units will always look over the open sky and sea, as they do now.

Furthermore, in view of the position as well as of the soil morphology, there cannot be any high settlement density. AGNANTIO will always be unique. Nothing can be built near or in front of it. The only road leading to the settlement was exclusively created to serve its needs, so that residents would not be bothered by any access or traffic road.

The residences have nothing in common with apartments. They are all independent villas-maisonettes offering residents a unique freedom of movements in a private space.

The nearby spas, one of the most important in Greece, represent a large state investment.

Choose your Best Accommodation

  • Palamidi Hotel

    Palamidi Hotel

    Palamidi hotel is the only building on a small hill, with unlimited sea view, at a close distance from the beach, the village, the port and spa of Agia Paraskevi in Kassandra, Chalkidiki.
  • Koumaros Villas

    Koumaros Villas

    Koumaros villas have distinct character due to its unconditional spot! Like an eagle flying high up in the sky, stands before its eyes the infinity of the Aegean Sea and...
  • Koumaros Hotel

    Koumaros Hotel

    Koumaros Apartment Hotel is the "younger brother" of Koumaros Villas. It is situated at exactly the same location at a distance of a few meters from the villas...