Location of Complex AGNANTIO

Where the complex is situated, near the Loutra village, is the coastal area of Agia Paraskevi.

The climate is exellent

Special measurements have shown that the area called KOUMAROS, the site of the project, has the lowest relative humidity and a dry climate. It is a fishing village, possibly the only one in Kassandra which has maintained its color intact, as well as its picturesque charm, its quiet, its aesthetics of space and the relevant architectural identity. It has a small harbor, fish tavernas, all basic supplies and is renowned for its spas.

Choose your Best Accommodation

  • Palamidi Hotel

    Palamidi Hotel

    Palamidi hotel is the only building on a small hill, with unlimited sea view, at a close distance from the beach, the village, the port and spa of Agia Paraskevi in Kassandra, Chalkidiki.
  • Koumaros Villas

    Koumaros Villas

    Koumaros villas have distinct character due to its unconditional spot! Like an eagle flying high up in the sky, stands before its eyes the infinity of the Aegean Sea and...
  • Koumaros Hotel

    Koumaros Hotel

    Koumaros Apartment Hotel is the "younger brother" of Koumaros Villas. It is situated at exactly the same location at a distance of a few meters from the villas...